I am a psychologist and my little Jake is an amazing dog - now one year old. He is playful, gentle, and intuitive. My buddy. I have used him as a therapy dog since I first got him. When my clients get anxious or begin to cry, he seems to sense when they want his comfort and gently offers himself. Once, when I was working with a couple that was very angry, he sat on my lap quietly watching. We all worked hard through the session. Toward the end of our time together the husband reached over and put his hand over his wife's hand. Jake Jumped off my chair and ran over and laid his paw over thier clasped hands as if to say, "Good Going. You made it." Ginger Clark of Schnauzer Mountain has excellent breeding lines and welcomes her puppies into the world with love, starting them on their life journey with confidence. Thanks Ginger! 
Fran Davis, PH.D.
My puppy arrived last Friday and he is FABULOUS!  He is just an amazing, amazing little dog.  He is happy and healthy, well behaved and smart!  People stop me on the street and ask me about him.  THANK YOU!   THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  For just a well behaved gentleman.  I can't believe he's a puppy.
Kathy M. in Wisconsin
7 months old
CRICKET 7 months old
I am so thankful to have Cricket in my life - she has enriched it so much.  She is so spirited, yet so obediant - don't know what I would do without her.  Thanks so much for all you do to assure that your puppies are well adjusted to go into their new homes.  She never whimpered once when I brought her home. 
Kristi H. & Cricket
Dear Ginger, Little 'Missy' is a wonderful, smart, well-mannered little girl and we love her dearly! Thank you for all you do getting puppies ready for their new homes!! Your website is very well done! I would definitely recommend others to visit your kennels! Yours, Connie Riley
Kashi and Jake
Kashi and Jake
Ginger thank you so much for our wonderful little Jake.  He and Kashi are getting along great.   Their couldn't have been a better match made.
Thanks Again.
C. Ann

Winter, a Miniature Schnauzer, came into my life the summer of 1999. There were so many telephone calls with Ginger, the breeder, prior to Winter's birth. For me, the wait for my puppy's arrival was as intense as a young child waiting for Christmas morning.


Winter joined our family as the second dog in the house. Summer, is our 4 year old established schnauzer.


As a geriatric Social Worker Miss Winter & Summer join me frequently at my jobs. The dogs are cuddled on nursing homes beds and Resident laps when we have assigned jobs in Metro Washington, D.C. Adult Day Care, Nursing Homes and Retirement Homes.


Summer and Winter eagerly enter these homes and greet the Residents with enthusiasm indicating that the dogs welcome attention from the residents. The residents often want to touch them and have the dogs sit with them (either on their laps or on a chair next to them).


At the end of my art lectures the Residents often comment on how "well behaved" the dogs are. They have accompanied me to the nursing homes and other work assignments since each of them was 8 weeks old.


Miss Winter is always the star. Beyond sweet, loving, quiet, and mature and is so receptive to the hands that reach out to her. It warms my heart that Winter keeps her eyes on me throughout the programs, making sure that I am in her sight.


My mother, a widow, lives with Mitzie, the birth sister of Ms. Winter. What a mark Mitzie has made on my mother's life. She shadows my mother in everything she does. Mitzie provides that " zest of life" for an older person who lives alone. 


Laurie T. in Maryland