The First Night


The first night a puppy spends away from his litter mates is often traumatic for both owner and puppy. Here at Schnauzer Mountain we have done all we can to prepare your puppy for this separation, but he is now away from every thing familiar. Every smell, sight, sound, his mother, litter mates, even his nursery, and bed, food dishes are different, water may taste different. To your puppy everything has changed.



"It is helpful to understand that when a puppy becomes anxious during this first night, he is reacting naturally, according to separation reflex. In the wild, when a wolf pup is separated from his pack, he becomes highly emotional and begins to whine, bark, and howl. This is instinctive behavior that helps reunite the pup with his pack, which is essential if he is to survive. This same instinct is at work in your puppy."


The best method to prevent this night trauma and to make things easier for your puppy and you is let your puppy sleep in your bedroom in a crate, or a box, tethered next to your bed on an old blanket. (We prefer a crate, and our puppies are accustomed to being in them, but in case you don’t have one yet.) Before you retire, take your puppy outside and give him an opportunity to eliminate. When you are ready to go to sleep place the puppy in the crate right next to you. By doing this you are doing a number of things: First, it helps the puppy adjust to you as his new pack. As you sleep, he is hearing your breathing, listening to the sounds you make, continuously smelling you, and accepts the security of your leadership. Second, it prevents the puppy from getting up in the night and eliminating since they will not normally do so where they sleep. 


If your puppy whines the first night, just reach down and let him know you are there, comforting him. If the puppy has been quiet for several hours and whines, he more than likely has to go out. This should only last a few nights and your puppy will be sleeping all night long.


Morning, take the puppy out immediately to his area. I would recommend carrying him or he may not make it all the way out. Sometimes puppies need to go several times in the morning. Always praise him.


One of the worst things you can do to a new puppy is isolate him, putting him in the basement or far corner somewhere. We sincerely hope you will not do this! Your puppy will never be happy left alone.