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These are some of my favorite sources:
Great Pet Information & Supplies





www.nuvet.com/76470  - NuVet Lab- Natural, Highest Quality Human Grade Ingredient vitamins. Made in the USA. Protect, strengthen, support pets immune system

https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/natures-variety-instinct-dog-food-dry/ natural food
  dog food advisor also rates dog food-interesting and helpful website

http:www.natureslogic.com/  - natural dog food and treats

find a retailer in your area

http://www.petedge.com- supplies for your pet at great prices

http://www.peteducation.com/ - great Pet Education

http://www.vetcentric.com/ - for questions about animal health

http://www.offa.org/ - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

http://www.vet.upenn.edu/ or http://www.vet.upenn.edu/ResearchCenters/pennhip/MenuFrame.html - PennHip (University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine)

http://www.vet.purdue.edu/~yshen/cerf.html - Canine Eye Registration Foundation

http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/gdc/gdc.html - Institute for Genetic Disease Control

http://www.vetinfo4dogs.com - Database of Veterinary helps, dog related

http://www.allerpet.com - Helps for those with dogs who suffer with allergies

http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/ - Veterinary Genetics Labratory

http://www.healthypet.com - Health Info about Pets

http://www.altvetmed.com/ - Resource for alternative medical therapies for dogs



Dogs and Puppies-Next Day Pets-Provides a venue for a dog rescue and dog shelter to find quality homes for adult dogs and puppies with information for 150+ dog breeds and pet supplies. Our pet store features dog supplies ranging from dog beds, dog doors, dog crates, dog toys and more. Includes a dog & pet website directory, pet friendly hotels and dog names.

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